For as long as she can remember she has been singing.

Music lessons first started at hippie family musical gatherings in Upstate NY at her Aunt and Uncle’s farmhouse. It was here that she found her love of free flow and jam. This environment also gave her a great sense of community, one that encouraged her to create.

Eventually Aria went on to pursue her dreams in New York City. While there she worked with many prominent musical figures, her favorites including, Joan Jett, Kenny Laguna (BlackHeart Records), and Kara DioGuardi (American Idol).

She auditioned for the East Village band Apocalypstik and got the job. She amped up her performing chops on the stages at The Limelight, CBGB’S, Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Electric, and Don Hills. Apocalypstik released the album Back on the Sauce in 2005. Her vocals were also featured on the Albums New York City Rock and Roll, Skateboard Punk Hits and Tribute to Rancid. She developed the rock and roll comedy cooking show Sexy Fried Chicken and wrote the theme song of the same name.

In 2006 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue sunshine, and the arts. In 2009 she released the EP In Light Of with producer, husband and best friend Joshua Ostrander (Eastern Conference Champions). She has contributed to the sound tracks of See No Evil, Gone In 30 Seconds: The Lee White Story and Indie film CHASING EAGLE ROCK.

Today she leads the band Some Go Haunting with multiinstrumentalist Jason Rivera . In 2011 they released their self titled EP. In spring 2016, Some Go Haunting will release their first full length record Wandering Souls, a musical collective that’s both ambitious in it’s sonic scope and compelling in it’s vulnerability.

In 2017 she was signed to Big Deal Music. She has written and collaborated with notable artists/writers The Black Knights, Chelsea Jade, Isabella Summers and Mondo Cozmo.

Aria Pullman is thankful for every single day that she can bring art and music alive. She lives in East LA with her husband, her dog, 3 cats, gratitude and a smile.

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